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    Reasons Earth Livable to the Present

    Monday, February 15, 2016, February 15, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-02-16T01:31:03Z
    Researchers have managed to find the relationship between
    the mineral content with the support of a planet to life
    One of the advantages the Earth than any other planet is capable of supporting life. This is clearly one of the factors that distinguishes the Earth with other planets in the Solar System.

    But, you know it turns out one of the factors that made the Earth can support life comes from the minerals in the planet.

    Is a pair of researchers from the Geophysical Laboratory at the Carnegie Institution of Washington who submitted the idea. Both managed to find a relationship between the presence of minerals, especially rare earth minerals, on Earth with the ability of the planet to support life.

    "Life does not get started without some chemical properties in mineral when the Earth was formed," said Robert Hazen, one of the researchers, as quoted from page Tech Times, Monday (02/15/2016).

    He said that the ability of a planet to support life influenced the content of rare minerals in it.

    This conclusion is drawn Hazen after managed to find more than 2,250 rare minerals on Earth. According to him, the presence of rare minerals not only sustain life, but also a characteristic of a planet. Therefore, the content of rare minerals can be a 'fingerprint' of each planet.

    Hazen also added that the same thing may also apply on other planets. He estimated that the discovery of life on other planets, such as Mercury and Mars, because the planet has only two mineral content simple.

    This is also the reason why the exploration on the Moon and Mars did not manage to find something astounding in the field of mineralogy. Therefore, most likely, the two places have no mineral content is unique and rare.

    On the other hand, co-Hazen, Jesse Ausubel, said that the presence of the mineral is also associated with diversity of life of a planet. According to him, ecologically poor planet is a planet that has a little mineral content.

    In addition to successfully find a correlation between the presence of minerals with a planet's ability to support life. The discovery of a rare mineral may also help to understand more about forming the Earth itself. (Dam / Ysl)


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