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    Unique, Luxury Jewelry Made from Mother's Milk / Breast Milk

    Monday, February 1, 2016, February 01, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-02-01T09:06:51Z
    Milk JoBri source Charms, Jewelry Breast Milk.
    "The milk is not in liquid form and will not be stale or smelly after preserved," he said.

    The end result is very similar with pearls. Each item was given a coating of jewelry that can be durable for everyday wear.

    His efforts are named JoBri Milk Charms. According to him, he got this idea from the desire to commemorate the bond between mother and child that is created through the process of breastfeeding.
    Jewellery can even be made from milk that has been preserved since 1995. (chron.com)

    "When I make jewelry from Mother's Milk, often I find the story of a mother who succeed through hard times and be closer to her son," said Boudreaux.

    It can even make jewelry jellied milk from the milk since 1995.

    In addition to breast milk, he can also make jewelry from hair baby, the umbilical cord and placenta parts. It can even make jewelry from cremation ashes to be used as jewelry for relatives and friends who want to wear some of those they love.

    "I hope it works can provide comfort knowing that a loved one is always close to the heart."

    Terrific, with outstanding creativity, these women create art jewelry which is also unusual.

    Initially, the husband was confused with his project.

    "At first I was confused when he first said it would make jewelry from breast milk for her. I support the breastfeeding movement but a little bit surprised by the way he transformed into jewelry. "

    However, when people see the results of doubt vanished.

    "I am happy to see the reaction they were amazed when I show the pictures."

    Business runs well enough so that the mother could stay home with her two young children aged 2 years and 4 months.

    He makes his first work two years ago after the birth of her first child. Since then he has received widespread praise from breastfeeding forum, provided the impetus to develop his hobby.

    "After mastering the ways of preservation, I began to receive orders," he continued.

    His work has even been featured in a number of magazines and blogs.

    Jewelry prices ranging from IDR 692 thousand and adjusted to his style.

    A number of people look at what he does odd or even creepy.

    "People love my jewelry or really feel disgusted," he concluded.source


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