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    WhatsApp finally reach 1 billion users, including the Minister of Indonesia

    Monday, February 1, 2016, February 01, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-02-02T04:37:20Z
    WhatsApp finally getting closer to the achievement of Facebook about the number of users. Proven today (02/02), WhatsApp announced when the chatting application was already used by 1 billion users around the world!
    WhatsApp. ©WhatsApp
    Although still need 500 million monthly active users to overtake Facebook, but it can not be denied WhatsApp growing very fast because of their age was 7 years old. Now, per day, no less than 42 billion messages sent in WhatsApp. Amazed? Not yet.

    Because WhatsApp users are also actively share 1.6 billion photos every day, including 250 million videos. It is quite natural, because WhatsApp itself has also been crowded by 1 billion group. In fact, according to a press release WhatsApp, Trade Minister Thomas Lembong using WhatsApp to communicate in ministry.

    WhatsApp is also actively developing interesting features were able to pick up new users, for example, feature phone or WhatsApp Calling up Web WhatsApp. WhatsApp is also already available in 53 languages ​​and can be downloaded at 7 platform.

    "This is almost the same as one in seven people on Earth using WhatsApp every month to stay connected with loved ones, friends and family. We are very proud of the milestone achievement, and we also feel very touched to see all the amazing ways You use WhatsApp, "wrote WhatsApp in its official blog.[bbo]


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