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    Whoever the president, the US will always be messed up Middle East

    Wednesday, February 17, 2016, February 17, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-02-18T01:35:32Z
    Donald Trump. © businessinsider
    United States presidential election has now entered a new phase. Republicans and Democrats began to choose who would be a likely candidate to run for presidency.

    After the Iowa caucuses that took place on February 1, there are two candidates from the Democratic Party who fought to the candidates, namely Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

    While the Republican Party there are nine candidates, three strongest candidate is Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Donald Trump.

    In the campaign the candidates are still unclear foreign policy as what they would take if Uncle Sam becomes president. Even so at least the foreign policy they convey in the campaign can still be observed.

    All candidates agree: Americans must defeat the militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) as a policy priority. They said US allies in the Middle East should be doing more for destroying ISIS. Besides the candidates also discussed the support to Israel, although there are some differences of opinion, as quoted from albawaba.com last week.

    The Republican candidates looking at the Middle East, especially in terms of the fight against terrorism and Iran. They compete to deliver the message and who is better to review this matter of national security and foreign policy denounced President Barack Obama.

    The candidate of the Democratic Party in general supports Obama's policies over the years, Sanders seemed to be more careful and Hillary will be more assertive abroad, especially in the use of military force.

    United States has not wanted to lose influence in the Middle East. The task of the new president later would still maintain interest and strengthen US influence in the Middle East.

    In the context of the Middle East, the most volatile region on earth, there is no magic formula terms for resolving the conflict and lasts a long time.

    The ISIS battered presidential candidates want more devastating. Only Jeb Bush, Republican Marco Rubio and Democrat Hillary Clinton of supporting the idea of ​​making the region safe from the conflict in Syria. But although the idea was realized when they become president, there is no guarantee that the proposal could end the conflict.

    Fourteen years since the Iraq war and bombardment in Syria that took place today, still haunted by the Middle East conflict. Baghdad government has no power over what happened in Basra, Mosul, or Kurdistan. The same situation occurred in Syria and Libya. Rebel groups continue to undermine the government and the vandals come into play. In the midst of such conditions the US is not able to do much, even contributed to disturb the atmosphere.

    From the start of the war in Yemen, Syria, and after the fall of the regime in Libya, the US tends to only be able to react to what happens later rather than have a role to change things. This is what happened during the time in Iraq after US forces leave.

    In that context, the next US president, whether Republican or Democrat, will be faced with the problem of the Middle East region which rages, where friend and foe will be ready to fight each other for the sake of their own interests without subservient to Washington. (Pan)


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