Can bionic penis, men with disabilities end up making love after 38 years

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Men British robot penises, Mohammed Abad (44) claimed to have become a man completely. The belief is said Abad after successfully satisfying a sex worker Charlotte Rose (35).

Abad initially very nervous, was not sure if Charlotte can be satisfied by a robot penis. But who would have thought? This woman was amazed to see the function of pubic bionic man familiarly called the Mo.

"At first I stressed to Mo for not imposing, but what happens is filled with excitement, a smile and a giggle to each other," said Charlotte, as reported by the Daily Mail, Monday (21/3).

"Rose was silent when he first saw the robot penis and I was very anxious about it, but after that, he said if my penis is very extraordinary," said Abad.

Once sated for 1 hour 45 minutes, the man who lost the penis while still a little more confident.

"I never feel more of a man before this, now I am ready to have a new life with great confidence," he said.

Abad promised to immediately remove his virginity back, which later led to marriage and has two children.

"Quickly, I want to feel the sensation like with Charlotte again, later I will get married and have one son and one daughter," he added.

Known, Abad lost his penis around 37 years ago, due to a car crash. The robot penis length of 20 centimeters and is claimed as the world's first robot penis.

Tech bionic penis installation costs will be funded by the NHS, aka the British National Health Insurance Agency, similar BPJS in Indonesia.

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