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    Could Not Access the Local Drive C and D? this solution

    Thursday, March 3, 2016, March 03, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-03-04T07:12:57Z
    Have among you who have an experience like mine? Where you can not access the local drive C or drive D ..? all of it caused by the virus that has protected our drive, but when I immediately tried to scan with the antivirus is updated and it is proven many trojan virus detected up to 200 more.

    But after the scan is finished and all the viruses disappear from my computer, did you know there are events that quite strange and confusing, I tried to analyze nearly an hour just because of this incident, the incident strangely that when I try to access by double-clicking on the drive C or drive D and I got a strange message from windows that 'Recycler \' was not found "Access Denied" and that made me even more confused when I try alternative ways access drive C or D through folders Explorer is open, all the folders can be visible and accessible.

    And again IT Support almost frustrating even almost reformat, while data on drive C and D quite a lot and a huge waste of time, but if I reinstall perhaps the last solution, but to re-install will not solve the problem and if I met with the same event as this will be troublesome and should be returned to reinstall ??

    I do not mean to patronize you or even teach you but only share my personal experience and only share knowledge that may be very useful for you and if you are experiencing this permaslahan you can reopen this blog if it were helpful.

    Earlier in the previous tutorial IT Support never talk about Powerful Tips How to Check Damage to the Power Supply. But In Tutorial Could Not Access the Local Drive C and D? This is my solution would provide a solution and it is quite powerful and very easy.

    Continue to follow the steps:
     You can go to the RUN menu and then type regedit
    CariHKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ MountPoint2 \
    Now you can see a sub folder shell key:
    Remove both sub folder shell the key.
    Then please you restart your computer.
    And try to click two times on drive C or D computer.
    Congratulations now you can access by clicking 2 times on the drive.

    Quite easy is not it ?!
    The conclusion of the above events, you can find out for yourself how rotten behavior of the virus that has changed, modify or add to your computer's registry.
    Suggestions of IT Support is do a scan and update your antivirus regularly for the virus a step ahead of antivirus.

    If you want to re-install, thought a thousand times for elementary school children would know the easiest final solution of the problem is to reinstall your computer. But if you analyze the problem and you can solve it, it is an honor itself.
    So ..

    Hopefully Tutorial Could Not Access the Local Drive C and D? This solution is Helpful ..


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