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    Google signaled, the official name of Android N's for sure?

    Thursday, March 10, 2016, March 10, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-03-11T07:02:43Z
    Android N 2016 Fossbytes
    Post-launch Android N developer version which is quite surprising, certainly more and more people are curious about the official name of the brand-new Android OS. Well, Google was apparently already gives little clue about the name that will be selected.

    These instructions implied by Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google Android project leader. Through an official announcement posts Android N, Lockheimer indicate when 'Nutella' who will be used as the official name Generation Android to 7th.

    "So, the hottest question on everyone's mind is: what stands for the letter 'N' when released later? We're nut telling 'you yet," wrote Lockheimer.

    Kalaimat last of it you can see when it should have been the correct writing is 'we're not telling you yet', but Lockheimer replace it with a 'nut', the first three letters of Nutella.

    If Nutella so elected, this is the second after the KitKat Android name derived from the product name. As already known, Nutella is a brand of peanut butter which is arguably the most famous in the world.



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