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    Google testing a digital wallet, pay with 'facial recognition'

    Thursday, March 10, 2016, March 10, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-03-11T07:45:12Z
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    Google will make us less and less baggage, because technology companies from Mountain View, California, that is developing a digital wallet.

    Reported by the Daily Mail (2/3), Google is currently testing a digital wallet, where we do not need to spend anything from a wallet, even a smartphone. Google actually just developed a system 'Android Pay' which previously had been tested. But the difference this time 'facial recognition' would be applied to enhance the digital wallet.

    "Imagine if you are in a hurry at the drive-thru and you need not take your wallet," said Pali Bhat, Google Product Manager. "It inspires us to develop an experimental application called Hands Free, which is still the early stages of testing," he added.

    The digital wallet application will use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which can be detected by the places that include payment technology Hands Free. This application also gives the ability to the smartphone to recognize the locations that use the paid method.

    This is a cool new way to pay. Bhat gave us an example of how to pay to cool.

    "When you are ready to pay, just say to the cashier, I pay using Google," said Bhat.

    The cashier will ask for your initials, and and use images that you add to the Hands Free profile to confirm your identity.

    In some locations, Google is experimenting with a camera, to identify a person with Hands Free digital wallet so they can pay without hesitation.

    Since Android Pay was released last September, approximately 1.5 million accounts have been registered in the United States each month. While the place that accepts payments with Android, reaching 2 million places. Now Google will soon expand to many countries outside the United States, and to promote practical payment using a smartphone.



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