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    Hide information about ISIS, so NASA hacker target

    Thursday, March 24, 2016, March 24, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-03-25T04:18:52Z
    Logo NASA. © vcpost.com

    Two groups of hackers associated with the hacker group giants 'Anonymous' has recently claimed to have successfully hacked sites or the US space agency NASA. From the action of the hacking, hackers found the data unexpectedly.

    Two groups of hackers who hack into NASA is "New World Hacking" and "AnonCorrupt". Both use DDoS hacking techniques to penetrate the NASA site. Evidence of the success of hacking had been given on major news portals British, Mirror.

    After the action, the two hacker groups had been announced when NASA store vital information about the true terrorist organization ISIS important disseminated.

    "We believe NASA is withholding information about a lot of things, not just one. The main thing that we think is NASA storing information about ISIS that the public needs to know," said the hacker group earlier.

    Unfortunately, neither the New World Hacking or AnonCorrupt not want to disclose information about ISIS is in the hands of NASA. "We will not talk publicly about what NASA hide," said two groups of hackers associated with Anonymous.

    NASA hacking action is also part of the campaign 'Operation Censorship' (#OPCencorship). This operation is an exercise before surgery massive hack on Donald Trump were carried out on 1 April.


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