See American arms were gunned the bullets as fast as 2 km per second!
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    See American arms were gunned the bullets as fast as 2 km per second!

    Monday, March 21, 2016, March 21, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-03-22T06:24:46Z
    Blitzer weapons made in America. © 2016 YouTube

    The American company "GA-EMS" (General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems) have been reported when it succeeded in creating an electronic weapon that is capable of driving far above the speed of sound.

    Weapons of type 'railgun' named Blitzer is claimed managed to record a bullet velocity of up to Mach 6 during the testing process. Keep in mind, Mach 1 is used to represent the speed of sound, so the bullet Blitzer is 6 times faster than the sound! Precisely, Blitzer bullet can go up to 2 kilometers in just 1 second.

    Railgun call as a weapon of the future. Therefore, the railgun utilize laser power and electromagnetic motion to throw bullets instead of blasting powder as long as it is used.

    According to the GA-EMS, with super high speed, the bullet Blitzer has the ability to target a maximum crusher. The plan, these weapons will continue to be developed at the same time looking for a ship that can be fitted with weapons systems Blitzer.

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