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    The man is a success Make Plastics from Cassava

    Thursday, March 3, 2016, March 03, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-03-04T06:54:33Z

    Government to test the application of plastic bags paid in modern retailing began February 21, 2016. The purpose of the application of this paid plastic bags that people bring their own pockets. The hope, will gradually reduce the use of plastic.

    Indeed plastic waste in the world, especially in Indonesia is quite large. Data from the Ministry of Environment and Forests said, Indonesia has used 9.8 billion sheets of plastic bags each year. Of these, 95 percent have only ended up so waste that is not biodegradable.

    Actually, if the product developed by Sugianto Tandio is already known decades ago, plastic waste that can not be decomposed can be solved.

    In 2010, Sugianto is able to issue a product innovation that is environmentally friendly plastic bags made from raw cassava. Plastic bags can decompose faster than the usual plastic.

    Sugianto told me, he had been in the world of plastic since 40 years ago. He has a lot of international clients. Under the banner of PT Tirta Marta, Sugianto producing packaging for various products.

    Clients are then presented a challenge to Lewis to produce plastic packaging is environmentally friendly. He also accepted the challenge.

    Postgraduates University of North Dakota, United States (US) is then started doing research in 2000. It takes time that is not short, environmentally friendly plastic products can be perfect in 2010.

    "The product is a patented direct me to America," he explained.

    The environmentally friendly plastic products using the technology Oxium and Ecoplas. Oxium is additive to regular plastic pellets that make plastics will biodegrade more quickly. While Ecoplas is plastic made using flour from cassava.

    He continued, for products shopping bags, Oxium've almost mastered all retail outlets in Indonesia. "About 95 percent of large modern market already on Oxium," said Sugianto.



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