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    Tips Restoring Files etc. Lost in the Windows System

    Thursday, March 3, 2016, March 03, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-03-04T04:01:46Z
    Greetings IT Support. Have among buddies who have a problem on the .dll file. IT Support is the natural, at which time I want to try to install a game, but when the installation is complete and when the file is executed to run, but what happens ?? File to run the game can not run, and suddenly pop up from the system that gives a message of "Could not find ***.dll".

    I got frustrated and tried to uninstall the game, and back I installed, after installing the game but what happened ??, the result remains the same, namely the file is missing and could not be executed. Got confused too because I like the game. Finally I tried searching on google to find references, and finally I can be a reference from an external forum, although the English mediocre I try to read, understand and analize. Finally, I find a way, and managed to delight not playing. . hahaa ...
    Immediately, we will discuss How to Restore Missing Files etc., as follows:

    1. Go to the website
    2. Type the .dll file that my friend looking at the menu search box
    3. Select the .dll file that buddy you want to download and then select the downloaded Zip-File
    4. Extract the downloaded file's new dowload then mate isa towards KEC: \ WINDOWS \ system32, click Start >> Run >> regsvr32 name.dll (or name.ocx). then run back in the game that had been my friend and eventually pop out install Could not find ****. etc. is lost

    After buddy follow the ways above buddy can run the game without an error that states could not find **, etc.

    Note: Looks like a buddy file to install the .dll file has been lost and therefore his friend must download files from and put them in accordance with the instructions system32 error on the windows. After I put it in my system32 can run games that I install without error.

    If my friend had problems in the system .dll file is missing friend can go to the website because the site I highly recommend it, because the .dll file in the site complete.

    Hopefully tutorial Tips on How to Restore Files etc. Lost in the Windows System can be beneficial.


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