Turns out the FBI for help Israeli companies to hack iPhone

iphone 5c. © 2014 Merdeka

In the case of iPhone hacks request for the sake of the investigation of terrorism cases San Bernardino, FBI hung up on Apple. However, the FBI later admitted it did not need help to pave the Apple iPhone 5c Syed Farook, the terrorism suspects who were killed at the scene.

Of course the decision was made many people confused. The trial continued to decide the fate of Apple is adamant not want to make software more gloomy fate iPhone hackers. The question is, whether the FBI already had other ways to hack an iPhone?

The confidence FBI suddenly boasted Apple apparently did not need a reason, namely a cyber security firm 'Cellebrite' based in Israel. Cellebrite is called to offer help to the FBI to unlock access to iPhone Syed Farook.

Not this time Cellebrite collaborate with the FBI. Earlier the company was established in 199 it was never sold the software hackers phone data to the FBI in 2013. In its website, Cellebrite claims can break into password iPhone running iOS 8.

However, iPhone 5c belonging to an unknown Farook has been running at higher operating system. Do Cellebrite will be able to carry out their duties?

Source: Techworm

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