Want to body odor disappear quickly? hair shaving armpits

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Many men have problems with body odor that they have. This emerging body odor can make them into trouble with people around and make them lose confidence. It turned out to eliminate body odor and restore the confidence is there a way that is easy enough clean shave armpit hair.

More specifically, eliminate body odor is not enough to just cut it short underarm hair using scissors, but shaved using a razor. Reported by the Telegraph, a study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology found that a clean shave armpit hair using a razor or waxing can improve the effectiveness of using soap in the section.

These findings, obtained through a study divided the participants using the four ways of doing armpit hair care. The methods used are cutting, shaving, waxing, and let it be. Furthermore, the body odor of the participants will be tested and compared it smelled 12 hours after treatment and 24 hours after taking a shower.

From these tests it is known that armpit hair cut did not show significant changes compared to let the smell of armpit hair is. However, the treatment using the method of shaving and waxing are significant differences in the appearance of body odor.

So if you feel they have body odor is quite disturbing, the best way to remove them is to shave or perform waxing on the armpit hair and makes it disappear.

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