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    Want to Fix Financial? Yuk, Note 7 About It

    Thursday, March 3, 2016, March 03, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-03-04T06:50:24Z
    Each financial planning will face various tests that would make the plan does not go according to plan.

    Therefore, in preparing the financial plan carefully and set for some types of spending.

    When you have carefully take into account the financial, financial planning ensured that already-considered will continue to run smoothly as planned.

    When planning time had already conceded and did not go according to plan, then you need to immediately fix the financial plans that have been made in order to avoid similar mistakes in the future.
    Illustration Managing Financial Planning (iStockphoto)
    To help you, here is how carefully the financial fix is ​​already running over budget, as quoted from cermati site, Friday (03/04/2016):

    1. Always Set aside for Saving Every Month

    Any income you have, always forced to set aside a portion of income of at least 10 percent each month.

    Perhaps for that earlier only if you remember to save it, then make the next save as a routine activity every month.

    This needs to be done because we will never know our financial condition in the future will be like.

    2. Always Recording Entry and Undertaken

    The basic thing is sometimes easily forgotten, but the basic thing is, people can manage its finances no matter how great its revenue.

    The purpose of these expenditures are recorded in order to know history of the expenditure that has been done. So it can be analyzed anywhere expenditure on immediate or may be delayed.

    3. In the Smart Shopping

    Determine your shopping needs, not to desire or lust that actually determine your spending. This is because most people are still controlled by desire, not aware of its needs.

    Therefore, create a shopping list to be purchased monthly needs, and create a wish list that wants to have or be realized thereafter.

    4. Creative in Frugality

    Create expenditure to be incurred, for example by making a written envelope needs that are issued each month.

    Eg special envelope meal allowance, special envelopes daily operations, and so on.

    While we must withdraw the money at once in bulk, but the points can be taken is disciplined in life to survive with the money already in separate compartments inside the envelope.

    5. Never Owe

    If you already have a credit card do not be tempted to always use it in the shop needs that are not urgent.

    Because of its use, you will be charged interest or administration in every swipe.

    Especially for those who prefer to pay the minimum payment, interest will be doubled and the debt settlement will never be completed. Do not all transactions paid for using a credit card, to some use cash.

    6. Have Insurance

    The purpose of having this insurance is to avoid financial risks that occur when the source breadwinner ill or even died.

    With no insurance, family members still live a life of financial risk in the event of fatal, although not always.

    7. Have Investment

    Investment objective here is for the long term. Investment can be done with a smaller number of first instance in the form of mutual funds, or precious metals, even deposits.

    Looking ahead, it is expected that investment can be used to help cope with the cost of living in the old days when the age is not productive to work.

    Do not let your finances Destroyed

    By knowing and understanding some of the above, is expected to create and improve the way your financial planning is not good.

    In the future, hopefully it will not happen again financial planning failed in its application. Failing in the application of the financial plan generally occurs due to lack of discipline you through a predefined financial planning.

    Therefore, when financial planning has been made with ripe, it needs high discipline in applying them.

    Remember, big or small income was relatively no difference, because in the end it will all depend on how much the expenditure incurred.

    Have you ever heard of people who have a salary of $ 2 million alone can meet the monthly requirement than Rp 10 million? Average surely you've heard.

    It's useless if you have a large salary can not be set. So, do not let your finances get destroyed because it is not well planned.


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