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    3 Ways to minimize exposure to cancer-causing chemical residues

    Thursday, April 21, 2016, April 21, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-04-22T03:01:31Z
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    Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the remaining residues of chemicals used by farmers or also unconsciously keep to yourself at home can increase the risk of disease, such as one of them is cancer.

    In addition, the consumption of the type of food taken from non-organic crops also have contributed to the risk. Therefore, there are some easy tips to minimize invasive disease caused by residual chemicals.

    1. Cleaning carefully for groceries
    Before cooking, you have to wash or rinse the plants or non-organic food ingredients are thoroughly. Do not just wash using tap water alone, but you have to wash by immersing these foods some of the time. In addition to soaking, also add 1/2 cup of white vinegar into the water bath. This serves to shed the rest of the chemical residues left behind.

    2. Reduce the use of chemicals in the home
    There are times when someone will use a chemical spray when it would repel or kill pests in the home, such as rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes up with flies. You'll want to reduce their use by traditional and manual way, such as closing the hole frequented by rodents, cleaning the house or also smoothed goods that can be used as mosquito breeding.

    3. Do not use chemicals for houseplants
    Having houseplants, especially the expensive is a matter of pride. Of course, so that the plant can continue to be healthy, then extra care is required. It is advisable not to use chemicals to treat and prevent these plants from disease or pests. You can use a traditional step by providing fertilizer and pest repel them manually. You can also use other materials, such as vinegar, lemon or essential oils that can repel the plant disease.

    Granted, you may not be able to avoid exposure of residual because through the air, as these substances can still be concerning yourself, even if you did not use it. However, to minimize the beginning of the residence or yourself, then the level of risk can be reduced as low as possible.


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