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    60 Seconds of Super Busy Internet

    Sunday, April 17, 2016, April 17, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-04-18T06:12:27Z
    Photo: detikINET / Irna Prihandin
    Ever wonder what happens on the Internet in one minute? Many! Count 60 seconds is the time where there are many events going on, including on the Internet.

    Here is an overview of how precious 60 for companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, YouTube, Tinder, Snpachat, YouTube and many more, as quoted by the Times of India, on Monday (18/04/2016).

    Facebook: In 60 seconds, there were 701 388 people logged into the social networking giant.

    WhatsApp: Nearly 20.8 million messages wara-Wiri in this instant messenger every minute of it.

    Google: One minute for the search engine giant Google means to serve the 2.4 million searches carried out by users.

    Tinder: There are about 972 222 swipe at social networking dating do this every minute of it.

    YouTube: Watch YouTube video views are interesting. Not surprisingly, this video sharing service had 2.78 million video views per minute.

    Email: As one means of communication, email is used a lot of people around the world. There are at least 150 million emails sent in one minute.

    Uber: There are many people out there who rely on transportation applications. Examples can be seen from the Uber traffic serving approximately 1,388 trip per 60 seconds.

    Snapchat. This figure shows how Snapchat is on the rise. There are 527 760 photos shared on Snapchat every minute.

    Apple App Store: Apple's app store download recorded serve at least 51,000 applications per minute.

    Amazon: In 60 seconds, the e-commerce giant grossed sales of US $ 203 596 on his website.

    LinkedIn: For the professional social network LinkedIn, every minute means the addition of over 120 new accounts.

    Twitter: No doubt if Twitter is often crowded by chirp variety of topics from various countries. The microblogging site reported that there were 347 222 tweets per minute.

    Instagram: Many people compete to show off photos on Instagram. This photo sharing social network serves 34 194 new posts per 60 seconds.

    Vine: short video has also become a new allure among netizens in recent years. Vine loop serving 1.04 million in services.

    Spotify: Listen to a streaming music service so its own preoccupations. In Spotify, one minute means the equivalent of 38 052 hours of music playing.


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