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    8 The voice command that can be used with 'Google Now'

    Thursday, April 21, 2016, April 21, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-04-22T02:55:01Z
    Google Now. © 2016 Merdeka

    Google Now is probably the app from the Android smartphone that can make us really feel sophisticated and 'intelligent.' How not, we could ask anything to Google via voice commands: any agenda today, the latest film are emerging, even the height of Mount Semeru.

    Perhaps no one knows also that the latest version of Google Now app, has specific features that are integrated with various applications on your smartphone. Here are nine commands that you can do on your smartphone using Google Now.

    1. Turn on or turn off wifi and bluetooth

    Google Now can be 'fiddling' some of the key settings in your smartphone, including wifi and bluetooth. In the Indonesian language, just say 'turn on wifi,' or 'turn off wifi' in your Google Now app. To turn on bluetooth in the same way with wifi.

    2. Turn on or turn off the flashlight

    Features a flashlight that is the smartphone, can also be activated through voice commands. Staying say 'turn on the flashlight,' or 'turn off the flashlight.' for switching on and off.

    3. Reading SMS messages

    To read the message, you just say 'show my last message,' and Google will show your recent messages. Then Google will offer to read it. This feature would be very useful when we're driving.

    4. Open the app

    Very easy, just say 'open ...' you can open applications with just a voice command. It works on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Instagram.

    5. Playing music

    When you give the command 'play music,' Google Now will automatically open Google Play Music and immediately play music based on what we heard previously there. If you want to be more specific, you can tell Google to 'play the music on ...' and addressed one specific application to play music.

    6. Call or SMS

    Staying say 'phone ...' or 'SMS ...' followed by the name of one of your contacts, this can be done without typing. You could even say the entire contents of your messages, and Google will type it for you.

    7. Set the alarm

    You just say 'Set the alarm clock ...' to immediately activate your alarm. You can also follow the description of time as 'set alarm at 3 am.'

    8. Take photos or videos

    You can say 'open the camera,' to enter the camera mode, as well as the 'record' video to open the video camera. If you say 'take a photo' in a sophisticated Google will offer a wide range of applications the photos on your smartphone, saying 'application which?'


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