Apple gets Benefits From Recycling Old Products
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    Apple gets Benefits From Recycling Old Products

    Tuesday, April 19, 2016, April 19, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-04-20T03:52:43Z
    Illustration: In addition to being the first retail store in Southeast Asia, 
    the Apple Store is also the first store entirely using renewable energy (source:

    Apple's move to recycle the device components ever proved fruitless. Based ekonologi annual reports, the Cupertino-based company managed to obtain additional material from the process.

    Launched pages Engadget, Tuesday (04/19/2016), Apple managed to collect 27 million kilograms (kg) of additional material from old components, including iron, aluminum, glass, and other industrial materials in it. In fact, Apple managed to acquire approximately 999.7 kg of gold from old products.

    With this amount, Apple managed to have about 1,102 tons of precious metal from old products. Based on the calculation, Apple could earn revenues of about US $ 40 million or around IDR 50 billion from the melting of gold derived from the mainboard and other components.

    That amount does not include income that can be obtained from the other components, such as copper and aluminum. For copper alone Apple could collect 1,3 million kg worth US $ 64 million, or approximately IDR 84 billion, and aluminum weighing 2 million kg worth IDR 42 billion.

    The magnitude of the number is not separated from the policy of Apple in recent years that encourage the recycling process in its products.

    In March, Apple also briefly introduced the industrial robot named Liam developed to dismantle iPhone devices.

    Previously, Apple also made changes to the two partner factories in China in 2015. The change was made to support the achievement of halting climate change that occurred in recent years.

    Since under the leadership of Tim Cook, Apple indeed has been transformed into a company that cares about environmental issues. Moreover, earlier in 2012, Apple had received criticism from Greenpeace on production by Apple.


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