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    Business search baby name popularity in Europe and the United States

    Thursday, April 21, 2016, April 21, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-04-22T02:44:25Z
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    Not all parents can easily find and embed name for their child. There are some parents felt it was a burden and then ask for help a family member or even an expert in exchange for some money.

    Bloomberg yesterday reported that today in the United States and Europe have sprung up a new profession: Expert name. They offer expertise in older people who have trouble finding the best name for their child.

    For instance, Marc Hauser who manage the agency search of baby names are based in Switzerland, Erfolgswelle. Marc takes about two to three weeks to find unique names to be processed within 100 hours.

    Marc must ensure that the name will be given unprecedented and did not have a bad image in the past. To that end, he set a tariff of USD 29 thousand per baby.

    Sherri Suzanne also run similar businesses. She operates the agency called My Name for Life in New York. Sherri need about 30 hours to search the name in exchange for some hundreds of dollars per baby.

    "Some of the criteria, such as the popularity of the name can be considered and is ranked objectively. I found that other criteria, such as the name of morality or the potential for success is very subjective and vary in each person, community, and generations."

    Neither Marc nor Sherri confirms that hire an expert to decide the name does not mean the relationship between parents and children. Instead, many parents tend to want to be involved in the determination of names for their children.

    There are a number of reasons underlie some parents hire experts name. Among them, there is no meeting point about the baby's name between them, confused, or need navigation.

    Based on historical records, expert names have emerged long before this. For instance, the spiritual leaders in South Korea and India usual offers name search services. For that, they will base on the scriptures, astrology, and local culture.


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