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Google: 1 million Gmail account so hackers target payment of government

Warning hacking Gmail from Google. © 2016 Merdeka

Considering Gmail is currently the largest email service, Google is also taking steps to increase its security features. It is also caused by the vigorous attacks by hackers, especially those backed by the government.

According to Google, so far at least 1 million Gmail account has become the target of hackers hacking government messengers. The rampant hacking government hackers have started to occur since 2012 last year.

"Since 2012, we have started to alert the Gmail users when their accounts are being targeted by hackers agents of the government," Google said in the post on his blog.

The average victim of hacker attacks that the government recognized that Google is their work as journalists, activists or politicians left line articulates the opinion in various parts of the world.

Furthermore, Google added a warning when a hacker hacking government is quite rare, about 0.1 percent of the security danger warning from Google. But even so, Google strongly encourages anyone who receives a direct response to this warning seriously.

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