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    Here's the form of 'tornado' in Mars!

    Tuesday, April 5, 2016, April 05, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-04-06T03:42:47Z
    Whirlwind on Mars. © 2016
    A shard tornado caught on camera was hanging around on the surface in the Red Planet. Memon is quite rare and amazing are captured by NASA's Opportunity Rover, which is on the loose in the area Planun Meridiani on Mars.

    "This is the best tornado ever seen at Meridiani Planum," said Ray Arvidson, deputy chief investigator Rover Opportunity. "We are fortunate to be able to capture the moment!" he added.
    The whirlwind on Mars in 2016
    According to NASA, Mars tornado in the same shape as a tornado that appeared in the deserts on Earth. A small tornado was spotted on Mars because it happened during the day, and the intensity of dust and soil 'sucked up' by the wind is also quite high.

    The whirlwind on Mars is quite high, with a height of over 800 meters. Altitude is certainly pretty awful case on Earth.

    Previously, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and the Spirit Rover ever catch the wind 'mini tornado' similar in 2012 and 2005, both of them are in the area Amazonis Planitia.

    Opportunity and Spirit rover, which is the golf cart-sized robot on duty observing Mars since 2004, is looking for signs of water on Mars. At the end of the water on Mars was found at the end of last year. Spirit rover itself was dead and no longer used, but the Rover Opportunity is still working fine.


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