Horrified, human killer Wasps in Japan grew by a bird!

Wasps Japan. © 2016 Twitter

Japanese Hornet Vespa mandarinia or wasp species was recorded as the largest in the world. Wasps have an average size of thumb do adults. However, it was recently demonstrated when a Twitter user wasp Japan could grow more than that.

Through Twitter, the account @ sun-s-k posted a photo of Japanese wasp that is approximately the size of birds Wren. Hornet is seen creeping inside the closet of the account @ sun-s-k.

Given the type of wasp is only active in the August to October and just out of hibernation in April, most likely it is the queen bee. It is also the reason why wasps Japanese can be very large.

In addition to size, the wasp is also known for its toxic hazardous. Per minute wasp venom Japan was able to kill 40 European wasp. In fact, on average each year reported 40 people died from wasp stings Japan.

Based on the recognition of the victims, this wasp sting feels like a hot needle piercing the skin. Which makes Japanese wasp venom is deadly substance Mandaratoksin, paralyzing nerve toxin or neurotoxin that can lead to kidney failure in large quantities.

Sting victim who had previously been allergic to bees often have to undergo dialysis to prevent deadly effect. This wasp stings wounds should also be sutured because it often leads to a gaping wound bullet tub.

Fortunately wasps Japan mostly found in mountainous areas. The bad news, the wasps are also contained in the Southeast Asian region, China, Korea, Nepal

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