Parent Google Enterprise, Planning Build Cities of the Future?

llustration: digital city that is always connected to a Wifi connection (source:

The parent company Google, Alphabet, reportedly making plans to build a city based on digital technology. Through its subsidiary, Sidewalk Labs has submitted a proposal pilot region, using the name "digital district".

This news was first known report The Informations about the latest Sidewalk Labs project called 'Project Sidewalk'. The company will make the district equipped cars otonomos, Wi-Fi, new public transportation, and other modern technologies.

Excerpted from the pages of The Verge, Tuesday (19/04/2016), Sidewalk Labs has recruited more than 100 experts to realize the project. One is to hire a group of the best experts from companies that install Wi-Fi high speed in the city of New York.

Based on anonymous information, Sidewalk Lab has not yet decided to make its own urban land or build a digital city in the top of the community that has been formed. However, there are two cities in the United States who would be potential sites for the trial, namely Denver and Detroit.

Sidewalk Project development team itself will immediately report to the project Alphabet CEO Larry Page. Joining Page on the project is expected to accelerate the process of Sidewalk Project.

Sidewalk Labs still does not give official comments news related to this project. However, Sidewalk Labs CEO Dan Doctoroff in an opportunity had said the car development otonomos fit into one plan. Although not specifically mention, Doctoroff not dismiss technology based urban development is difficult.

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