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    Unique, this shirt can help a traveler to speak with various languages

    Thursday, April 21, 2016, April 21, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-04-22T02:50:44Z
    IconSpeak. © iconspeak.world

    There are many people who have a dream of traveling the world, to see different places in the world directly. This may be due around the world is something that can not easily be done from various aspects. Start of the cost is quite expensive, time that is not flexible, and the most frequent obstacle: language.

    Language might be able to unite a nation, even the world. But if someone does not concern the sharp power of language to not learn it, then the dream for the adventure to visit various places in the world is an impossible thing to do. This is what makes the difference of culture so it feels far away.

    However, there is a smart invention that makes a person could traveling anywhere, into any language, without having to worry about the language difference. The present invention is not sophisticated equipment, just a simple T-shirt.

    IconSpeak, a brand of clothing, helping the traveler is constrained language, to destroy the barrier wall between countries disaggregated by local language. These jerseys in the form of various kinds of symbols that represent many things, such as 'time,' 'hotel,' 'hospital,' 'a phone,' 'Wi-Fi' and most importantly, 'toilet.' The thing to do is wear it, and pointed to one of these symbols when you are constrained in speaking.

    This T-shirt was created by three friends, who find they have difficulty speaking when traveling to Vietnam in 2015 ago. The idea of ​​making stocking up when they want to create a medium to facilitate communication with the local community, without the use of electricity and internet connection.

    T-Shirt 'IconSpeak' is, is priced at USD 33, or 430 thousand rupiah. Supplied as well as various other products such as hats, tank tops and tote bag, with the theme of traveling and carrying the design 'icon' is unique.



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