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    5 Powerful way to be happy, according to various scientific research!

    Sunday, May 15, 2016, May 15, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-05-16T03:27:02Z
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    Happiness has long become the very 'precious.' Although the nature of happiness invisible, scientists have long known that happiness turned out to be scientific. This is because a person's happiness big share contributed by the presence of the gene.

    Why the gene had a big hand in happiness?

    This is because one can naturally run into problems of depression and anxiety problems, while others do not. Here the gene is distinguishing between those people. But this does not at all absolute. Although influential, according to scientists, genes accounted for only 50 percent of what is defined 'happiness.' The environment, lifestyle, behavior and thought patterns accounted for the remaining 50 percent. Of course we can control this portion if we refer to science.

    Here's how to find the happiness that has been formulated by scientists.

    1. Connections, master something, and freedom
    Humans basically have three basic needs, ie food, clothing, shelter, and who recently was considered important also, to sleep. But scientists have three more requirement to be happy. Raj Raghunathan, Professor of the University of Texas to express, as our reports from Psychology Today.

    The first is the social connection, or a feeling of belonging to a social environment. You would be happy if you joined in a social situation. In Indonesian society, it has become a culture, in which a person would be more appreciated if they are sociable, outgoing, and has extensive connections. Of course this is a great pleasure for those who are able to do so. However, the 'introvert' who choose not to socialize too much too often praised for choosing not to connect, though slightly contrary to the norm. This has made him happy without having to connect here and there. But make no mistake, 'introvert' also have friends and family, where the feeling of having too high levels of quality.

    The second is to master something. When we master something, we will feel better and it will make happy. For example, if you master public speaking, where others speak not in public alone awkward, of course this is something that makes you feel 'better' than others. Believe what you can is one key to happiness.

    The third is freedom, which make their own decisions on what we will do, is the most valuable thing in life. Not 'controlled' by others will make us feel happy.

    2. Do not compare yourself to others
    It turned out that happiness would never arise if the wrong motivation. Even though our purpose in life has been achieved. According to a study published in the NYTimes, the achievement of objectives, such as the entrance to the flagship campus, or moving to a new town, only contributes 40 percent of a person's happiness. According to these studies, the perceived happiness will only be felt in that moment, because in further research, the happiness will disappear in the next few months.

    Therefore the focus to what we enjoy naturally, is the best way to be happy. Not to put dreams and high expectations with in order to be superior when comparing themselves with others. although sound cliche, focus on the process and not pegged to the goal, it is one of the key to happiness.

    "When you no sense of need to compare yourself with others, you will be inclined to do the things you love no matter what other people think and say. Therefore you will do something better," said Raghunathan. If you are good at doing something that you yourself love, happiness would present itself.

    3. 'Pretend' happy until you are really happy
    If someone said that happiness is a choice, perhaps it is quite reasonable. Because a study from the University of California showed that a smile can provide a significant impact to the mood, self-confidence and perspective.

    This certainly could be applied to everyday activities that we do. In life of course there are many obstacles and problems that occur. Maybe if we follow what science says and try to 'pretend' happy with a smile each face a problem, it may be getting better mood and happiness will come to follow.

    4. Respect the time rather than money
    Yep, again we have faced in the cliché that says that time will always be more valuable than money. But what's more, it is true. This is evidenced by a study held by Ashley Whillans, a doctoral candidate at the University of British Columbia in Canada. The results of these studies suggest that someone who appreciates the time will be able to maintain happiness than those who are actively working on a daily basis.

    Certainly work for purse money is important, but if it can reduce the time together with family, friends, or enjoy something as 'passion,' of course the word happiness will be farther away from your life.

    To fix this, you should be more careful to arrange a time to always insert the time to be with family, and time to do hobbies that you like.

    5. 'Disconnect 'of technology
    It can not be denied that the cause of the complicated someone's life because the technology is increasingly sophisticated and increasingly burdened us who live in this modern era. A variety of work we do everyday is enough stressful, moreover, we can not ignore the negative things that often appear in social media.

    Given the earlier humans for centuries did not have the technology, we should also able to get a little out of the technology of the 'curb' us now.

    According to a study held by The Happiness Institute, explained that the log-out of Facebook for a week can increase the level of happiness, reduce stress, and improve the ability to feel more respect ourselves. Moreover, a culture of 'showing off' successes are often raised in social media, is one of the key loss of happiness because we will always compare ourselves with others.


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