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    Allo: 'WhatsApp' version of Google + Digital Assistant

    Sunday, May 22, 2016, May 22, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-05-23T04:55:05Z
    Photo: detikINET / Achmad Rouzni Noor II

    Mountain View - As the Internet giant, Google certainly did not want knocked out of the instant messaging services that bleed. Hangouts can be considered to be less explosive, therefore made Allo.

    The service is actually tantamount to instant messages that have been widely circulated today. Just curious is because Google makes. So one might expect exciting innovations in embedded Google into Allo.

    As Basically, Allo equipped with a variety of standard features instant messaging services, such as emoji, stickers, or send a photo. But there is one feature that is only available in a handful of instant messaging services, namely digital assistants. Yes, Google Assistant is called embedded as part of Allo.

    So with Google Assistant in Allo, users can not bother having to type when you want to answer incoming messages. Just say it, then Google Assistant will translate into text form to be sent.

    Google Assitant also claimed to be more clever, the introduction of natural language terharap enhanced so that users do not need to speak the language flexibly. Despite stiff pronunciation, Google Assistant will be able to recognize it.

    Additionally buried in Allo Google Assistant also lets users search for information directly from the display Allo. Staying mentioned key words and phrases you want to know the information. The concept is like when using Google Now, only done through Allo.

    But innovation is not the first to do Google, some time before Facebook also announced the same thing. This social media king bragged that he wanted to immerse homemade digital assistant named Monneypenny into Facebook Messenger.

    The presence of a digital assistant at Allo but not the only surprise. Bak WhatsApp, Allo certainly also has features messaging encryption upstream to downstream.

    Plus Allo also has incognito mode alias feature to hide the message, as well as personal and expiring notification message ala BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). But BlackBerry renamed as Timed Message if the fuel.

    So what could be the challenger would Allo WhatsApp or BBM? We wait for proof.



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