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Google is not going to stop developing smart devices. Most recently, the Internet giant has plans to make a smart jacket.
So Google has just announced Project Jacquard. They will create a high-tech fabric that has a interactive touch capabilities and provide feedback.

According to Google create smart clothing will open up new possibilities in interactive experiences with services, equipment and the environment. Such interactions can also be adjusted at any time.
Jacquard himself likened to Google a blank canvas in the fashion industry. The designers have the freedom to shape the way they want and it is possible to add new features without having to know about the technology.
Developers can connect applications and services with garments based jacquard fabric and creating special features to it.

"We had no clothes, have the garment. Why do you need a bracelet to measure the number of steps or heart rate, when the shoe or clothes can do it more accurately? Why do you need to see to know the feedback vibration, while a light vibration of clothing can inform more useful ? ' clearly Ivan Poupyrev, Technical Program Lead of Google's Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group was quoted as saying Techinsider, Monday (05/23/2016).
"We will do it (make smart clothes-ed). It is not difficult. But we will make things more interesting," he said.
As the first partner Projecy this Jacquard Google joins Levi's. They will collaborate to make smart jacket. The plan is a smart jacket that will be released next year.

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