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    Twitter CEO will Divide the Shares to Employees

    Sunday, May 22, 2016, May 22, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-05-23T04:21:17Z
    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Photo: GettyImages

    So as not to be left vague employees, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Twitter his plans to distribute shares to them.

    The move comes after at the beginning of 2016, four key Twitter executives to leave the company, including head of product and the chief of engineering Twitter, quoted from Cnet, Sunday (22/05/2016).

    But step-for Dorsey stock is still waiting approval from shareholders other Twitter, which is expected to approve at the annual meeting with shareholders, which is next week.

    Twitter General Counsel Vijay Gadde call Dorsey in October last year has agreed to allot shares worth USD 7 million to employees, without having to burden the leading provider of social media.

    "Dorsey and we believe that success depends on our employees who are very talented. And success in the future depends on our ability to attract and retain great people," said Gadde.

    In 2015 then, Dorsey never mentioned that he would give her Twitter shares totaling 1% to employees Twitter. This step he took after Twitter to lay off 8% of the total employees.


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