Uber Start Open-openings Autonomous Car

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In fact autonomous car technology helped attract Uber. After silent in quite a long time, finally ride-sharing service providers from the United States (US) is showing off its autonomous car first appearance.

In the photo seen Uber-owned autonomous cars is being tested in the region pave Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Reports of the car's autonomous Uber be the first time since the inaugural shown in May 2015 ago.

Uber-owned autonomous car is indeed not a pure production. Uber simply embed autonomic technologies to the Ford hybrid car output, the Fusion.

Quoted from The Verge, in these trials Uber seeks to collect data through mapping the streets. Although autonomous, Uber stay with the car with reliable driver who is ready to monitor the car at any time.

"While Uber still lay in the application of the autonomous car technology, routine testing is important in order to obtain an increase," Uber said.

Uber own autonomous car is reportedly equipped with a variety of equipment, ranging from radar, laser based scanner, to the high-resolution camera to determine the condition of the surrounding environment. Besides in Pittsburgh, this trial will be extended to some areas.

"Today, we focus on getting the right technology and trying to ensure it is safe for road users, pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles," said Uber.

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