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    6 High-Salaried Work for People Introvert

    Wednesday, July 13, 2016, July 13, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-07-14T02:08:15Z

    Introverted people are the ones who tend to close themselves from the outside life. These people tend to be more thinking and less interaction with others.

    In the working world, often introverts have difficulty when it came to work and interact with others. But, there are many available jobs that match introverts.

    No half-hearted, the salary of these jobs can reach US $ 60,250. Quoting from Business Insider, the following six high-paying jobs for introverts:

    1. Economic Experts
    With a salary of US $ 109,230, economists into desirable jobs introvert.

    Economists duty to investigate, prepare reports, and provide solutions to various economic problems associated with the production process to distribution of goods or services based on the prevailing economic policy.

    2. Astronomer

    Watching the stars certainly fun, especially when you do not only observe, but paid with a salary large enough. It may be a job as an astronomer is quite attractive.

    Astronomers tasked to observe, analyze, and create reports on astrology to be a world of astrology related learning materials. Salary as an astronomer can reach US $ 104,100.

    3. Website Administrator

    A website administrator can be paid is US $ 85,240. A website administrator is responsible for managing the website, from designing, developing up to fix damages or errors that occur on the website or application.

    4. Experts Statistics

    Statistics expert paid up to US $ 80,110. Stastika expert task of trying to develop or apply the theories and methods of mathematics or statistics to collect, share, analyze, and conclude various numerical data to provide reliable information.

    While some studies require correspondents, statisticians did not interact much with others.

    5. Writer

    This job does not require a lot of interaction with others. Writers usually write the various documents, such as essays, poems, song lyrics, to prose. Wages earned the author can reach US $ 60,250

    6. Researchers Geology.

    Researchers Geology itself is a new job, and yet well-known in the world. Geological researchers in charge of testing and analyzing various geological conditions, such as petroleum, and other mineral materials, such as minerals, sulfur and gas.

    People who work here do not need a lot of interaction with other people, but their salaries can reach US $ 55,610 (Rp 729 million).


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