Did you know, Instagram 5 Features Secret?

Photo and video sharing service Instagram usually of short duration used to upload photos and videos.

Although Instagram users has reached 500 million people around the world, it seems that many people do not know that Instagram has a number of features of the 'secret'.

In fact, these features seem to have sufficient merit important for you loyal Instagram users. Anything?

As quoted from the Make Use Of, Tuesday (12/07/2016), here are the five features in question.

1. Receive Notification of People You Follow

Is there one that her upload Instagram account did not want you to miss? If there is, then the way to turn on notifications for that account.

Thus, you would not miss a single upload of the account in question.

To enable this feature, go to Profile on the account in question, and then select the symbol of three dots in the upper corner of the screen. Then, select 'Turn On Post Notification' to activate it.

2. Remove Tag from the Upload Photos by Others

Mass tag on Instagram photo that is not you prefer certainly very disturbing. For that, there are two ways you can do.

The first option with me-remove tag. To do so, go to the photo in question and then select 'Photo Options' and then select 'Remove Me from Photo'.

Second, by making arrangements that do not hide the upload you prefer of the 'Hide from My Profile'. Some people choose this way to avoid discomfort at the heart of a friend because you remove the tags.

Same way with the first option, yakno enter the photo in question and then select 'Photo Options' and then select 'Hide from My Profile'.

3. See All Photos You Love

Have you ever liked a photo on Instagram due to which there is a recipe that want tested?

You do not need to spend hours and hours to find it. The trick is easy enough to go to the Profile page, select Options and then select 'Posts You've Liked'.

If you choose this option, you'll get a feed that contains all of the photos and uploads once you tick 'love'. Make it easy?

4. Use Less Quota Data

Instagram usually because the person uploading the photos and videos were enough to drain the quota of data, you can set the data quota can be used more sparingly.

To limit the use of data entered in your Profile page, and then select the option and select 'Use Cellular Data'. Then, activate 'Use Less Data'.

The process of loading photos and videos was going to take longer but data usage will be reduced significantly.

5. Uploading of Multiple Accounts

To use this feature, go to your Profile page, then select Settings and enter 'Add Account' which is at the bottom.

Quite handy is not it?

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