Human Strength is often not Realized By itself

1. The Power of Dreams
To obtain the best things in life, each of us should have dreams and clear purpose in life. Each of us must dare to dream of things most beautiful and we want the best for our lives and the lives of those we love. Without dreams, life would be run without direction and finally we are unaware and unable to control where real life we ​​will be heading.

2. The Power of Focus
Focus is power (power) to see things (including future, dreams, goals or other things such as: strength / strengths and weakness / weakness inside, opportunities around us, and so on) more clearly and take steps to achieve , Like a pair of glasses that helps a to see more clearly, the power of focus helps us see dreams, goals, and our power more clearly, so we have no hesitation in stepping in to make it happen.

3. The Power of Self Discipline
Repetition is a powerful force for achieving excellence. We are what we repeatedly do. According to the philosopher Aristotle, excellence is a habit. Habits awakened from self-discipline that is consistently and constantly doing something that brings action at the height of one's achievement. Our habit will determine our future. To build these habits, a strong self-discipline required. While discipline is how we defeat ourselves and to manage them to achieve their dreams and the best things in life.

4. The Power of Survival
Every human being is given the strength to face the difficulties and suffering. It is precisely through the difficulties that we are formed into God's creation is strong in the face of difficulties and failures. Often we forget to learn how to deal with failure and adversity, because even the failure itself is the element or ingredient (ingredient) primary in achieving success or the abundant life.

5. The Power of Learning
One human strength is its ability to learn. To learn how you can deal with and create change in our lives. To learn how you can grow day by day into a better human being. Learning is a lifelong process. So as to constantly learn in this life, we can continue to improve our lives on a higher level.

6. The Power of Mind
The mind is a gift of God which is the largest and most loveliest. By understanding how to work and know how to harness the power of the mind, we can create the best things for our lives. By train and develop strength of mind, in addition to the intellectual and creative intelligence of our increase, also gradually emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence even we will grow and evolve to a higher level. All of us are entitled to and have the power to achieve the abundant life and acquire the best things in life. All of this is a product of our conscious choice, based on our beliefs, rather than product conditions of our existence in the past and the present. As said by Jack Canfield in his book The Power of Focus, that life does not just happen to us. Life is a series of choices and how we respond to any situation that happens to us

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