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    This 6 facts Facebook Messenger that makes Amazed!

    Thursday, July 21, 2016, July 21, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-07-22T05:56:26Z
    Speaking of Facebook would not be separated from the name of Facebook Messenger. Yes, Facebook chat application is indeed hated at once loved. Although many who complain should bother to download two apps just to chat with Facebook friends, anyway Facebook Messenger can be very popular as well.

    Please note if there are currently 1 billion people who use Messenger every month. It makes Messenger as the second most popular application on the iOS platform after Facebook's own applications. Great is not it? Not stopping there, there are other facts about Facebook Messenger that will make you amazed.

    1. Since Messenger platform  it opened, more than 18,000 have been launched in the Messenger bots and more than 23,000 developers have signed up to Bot Engine

    2. 10 percent of the entire global VoIP calls made through Messenger.

    3. The user sends more than 17 billion photos to their friends through Messenger each month.

    4.Secara on average, more than 22 million GIF sent via Messenger every day. This is equivalent to 254 per second GIF.

    5. There are more than 250 packages of stickers available in Messenger with more than 4,000 pieces of stickers. And more than 380 million stickers are sent each day.

    6. User Messenger 1.2 billion times has played a basketball game at the chat application. It is the same with 975,000 season NBA basketball league.


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