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    5 Things You Should Know Before to Komodo Island

    Sunday, August 7, 2016, August 07, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-08-08T04:37:11Z
    Photo: Park on Komodo Island (Shafa / detikTravel)

    Labuan Bajo - If talk Labuan Bajo, definitely flagship destination is the island of Komodo. Eits, there are some things you should know before exploring the island.

    An ancient and beautiful nature so perfect blend and appeal of Komodo Island Flores, NTT. No wonder if the Labuan Bajo so entrance became one of the destinations Special Economic Zones (SEZ) made by the Tourism Ministry of Tourism.

    Well, before exploring the island of Komodo and met the ancient dragon, it's good to know some of these things. Compiled detikTravel, Monday (08/08/2016) here are some things to know before trekking in Komodo Island:

    1. Be careful, little dragons live in trees

    Basically, dragons are reptiles lizard happy to live in a tree. However, the larger the body, the more difficult they are to climb a tree.

    However it does not apply to the smaller dragon. They love to climb into the tree. Not just because of his size, but also they save themselves from predators that target male dragon.

    Until the body is large enough to survive on their own, they will stay on the tree. Therefore, always follow the ranger because they usually know which trees are being populated by smaller dragon.

    Otherwise, might you fall of dragons. Hiiii, horror!

    2. Do not go near dragons are laying

    Almost every animal became more fierce and dangerous when laying eggs. Likewise with the female dragon.

    They had nests and will keep furiously their eggs. Since many predators are ready to steal their eggs. Starting from a male to a naughty monkey.

    Thus, the ranger will usually be on alert if the track passes Clutches. The female dragon could sense the presence of other creatures from a distance and be ready to fight if deemed harmful to the eggs.

    3. No dragons were benign

    Like dragons usually seen in the common kitchen area park managers. They will take food from the chefs who served. Well, these animals will look so benign as silent as a statue.

    In fact, there is no tame dragons. Even if they are silent, it does not mean you can strike suddenly.

    Indeed, many tourists who make the kitchen area as a place fit to take pictures with the dragons. Because they are easily visible and silent.

    But do not ever come out of the supervisory ranger. Because if off guard a little bit, you could be a meal of these dragons.

    4. The view is different during the rainy season and dry season

    Indonesia has two seasons, and in every season, the scenery on this island is different. During the dry season, savanna in the island will be brownish yellow, like in Africa.

    Now the rainy season, the entire island will be a fresh green color. Very different but have the same incredible views.

    5. Komodo could be anywhere

    You should always be careful while on Komodo Island. Because dragons can exist everywhere. Although already finished trekking, but dragons can appear anywhere.

    As an example, dragons may be raised in front of the toilet, or in front of the cafeteria. If it comes suddenly like that, not to panic and run away suddenly because it will only harm themselves.


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