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    Danger, Instagram accounts hacked so a sale of adult dating

    Monday, August 22, 2016, August 22, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2022-10-22T04:26:00Z
    Illustration instagram hacked. © 2016 Merdeka

    At the beginning of this year, Symantec never reported the number of false Instagram account profile that attracts users to visit a dating site. But apparently, it's all hacking. Scammers hack Instagram accounts and change their profile with sensual images to attract users to the adult dating sites and pornographic spam.

    It was revealed from the last few months, Symantec has observed Instagram accounts hacked and used to promote adult dating spam. Symantec in an official statement on Tuesday (16/08), the findings also refer to the previous report where the hacked Twitter account to show links to dating sites and personal sex. This is a similarity to what happens in Instagram. But it could not conclude on the relationship between the two events.

    As for when it first knew Instagram account hacked Symantec observed several characteristics, including user name changed, a different profile photos, names different profiles, Bio / information different profiles, link / link profile is changed / added, Upload new photos.

    This profile instructs the user to visit a profile link, which is an abbreviated URL or a direct link to the destination site. Profile photo changed into a picture of a woman, regardless of gender actual account owner. In addition to changing the profile information, the attacker often upload pictures of sensual. However, they do not delete the photos before the account owner.

    The attackers also change the password of a hacked account. This is the first that makes the account owner know their account has been compromised. Even after several months, the account remains the same, indicating that the actual account owner may have created a new account since the incident.

    Being aware of the incident, Instagram earlier this year started to roll out two-factor authentication or two-factor authentification for users. The security features of this account would prevent scammers take over the account. However, not all Instagram users have this feature. Users can check see this selection by pressing the gear icon on their profile.

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