Dell Have Touchscreen 70 Inches To Replace Whiteboard

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In the schools, blackboard or whiteboard is a device that is required as one of the facilities for teaching and learning. However companies such as Dell hopes that this habit can be replaced with better tools. As the company has introduced a board size of 70-inch touch screen is called the Dell 70 ICRM (Interactive Conference Room Monitor), the company hopes that this board can be used for teaching and learning process more interactive and dynamic.

Based on information from Dell, these boards offer a large touch screen that can be used to collaborate with the presence of a 10 point multi-touch, two stylus, anti-glare, anti-dust / stains in the lining of the screen for easy viewing, and component monitors to delete text or images , To support the needs of teachers, the board is also equipped with plenty of ports to connect to various devices.

The screen has been designed as an alternative to interactive whiteboards, its size has also been adjusted so that teachers and students can use it well. The screen can even beat the big screen TV that is usually only used to display the slides, but as noted earlier the size and capabilities can provide additional touch for more useful things like making graffiti or control device.

For specifications, the screen has a 1080p resolution with a frame rate of 60Hz. For connection ICRM Dell has a display port, two HDMI 1.4 ports, one HDMI port with MHL mirroring from a tablet or smartphone and does not miss favorite VGA port. There is a USB 2.0, four USB 3.0 (one of which can be used for fast charging smartphones).

This device comes with a price that is not cheap. Dell has put it on their site with a fairly heavy $ 5,000, or about 70 million. Which means this device probably will not directly replace existing whiteboard, the need for massive cost if you use a touch screen instead of blackboard today. But this will remain a good record as a beginning where the learning process can be more interactive.

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