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    Fever Pokemon Go, "moonlit Poke" Poke Bull was flooded with orders

    Wednesday, August 3, 2016, August 03, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-08-04T04:04:54Z
    Martabak "Moonlit Poke" Poke Bull / Darmadi Sasongko

    Fever game Pokemon Go swept around the world, including in Indonesia. Rollicking lovers games installed on Android and come hunting Pokemon characters.

    A businessman cake bright moon in Malang, East Java took advantage with a moment of hectic game Pokemon Go. Couple Rhesa Rumampuk (26) and Jessi Agustina Wijaya (23) month bright cake design is similar to Pokemon ball.

    Bright moon cake named Poke Poke Bull was too flooded with orders. Through social media the pemesannya came together, even up overwhelmed.

    "Bikinnya since boisterous games Pokemon Go. Then Promoted to social media, it was crowded buyer," said Rhesa Rumampuk at his home, Canal Road Titan 6 Village Purwantoro, Malang, Tuesday (26/7).

    Rhesa and Jessi during business cakes and food. His business is run at home with the help of two family members.

    Since the beginning made Poke Poke Bull demand a lot of subscribers, especially students and students who are avid games Pokemon Go. Some claim booked for a birthday gift or simply to enjoy together.

    "Most orders of students, there is to buy a boyfriend and a birthday present," said Jessi.

    But limited manpower, they also limit only 50 pcs everyday. More than that, reservations will be served the next day. Moreover, Jessie itself is currently pregnant with her first child fetus.

    Both use the services of online motorcycle to deliver every order. Only when Saturday and Sunday, a motorcycle taxi service online rather full, in addition to street Malang were lots of jams. When a normal day, the booking will be fulfilled within 2 hours to 3 hours after booking.

    Jessie said, there is no special recipe for baking the Martabak "Moonlit Poke",  just that it is specifically featuring characters Pokemon. The size is 22 centimeters in diameter with four color variants namely red, pink, orange and yellow.

    "One pcs sold at IDR 40 thousand plus postage for IDR 10 thousand per 10 kilometers," says Jessi.

    The materials used include blackforest, chocolate, cheese, sugar, white chocolate, fernipan, butter, baking soda, flour, eggs and milk.

    Pipit Anggraeni, one of the buyers from Tumpang, Malang admitted curious about the moonlit Poke Poke Bull. Curiosity was relieved after the order arrived on board.

    "Curious, wanted anyway there are other forms, like Pikachu or anything," he said.

    Rhesa did not deny that his business boarded fame games Pokemon Go. He also realized that the fever of this game will be a limit. But he believes the food business and the cake is still very promising.

    "Very promising, a season when the game Pokemon Go will run out, we are trying to upgrade. It's just momentum alone," he said.


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