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    Foods that make juice Turns In recent Create Health Risk

    Friday, August 26, 2016, August 26, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-09-01T04:51:23Z
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    As we know, the food is good it is juiced fruit or vegetables and enjoy the liquid will help you lose weight properly. In fact, fruit or fresh vegetables are juiced will give a good effect for the digestive system. But ya ya, behind the kindness offered by fruit or vegetable juice and other foods that are blended, it turned out the food was blended actually increase the risk of migraine, bad for heart health and lead to fertility problems.

    Quoted from page, experts revealed that the blended food is more likely caused the risk of migraine and fertility problems. Experts said that in the short term, the juice will cause migraines, headaches, fatigue, body fatigue and lethargy and do not focus too easily hungry. Meanwhile, in the long term blended foods will be at risk to the health of the liver and is closely related to fertility problems.

    The juice is a nutritional intake is not good for health when consumed continuously 
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    Jason Vale, a health expert who has written a book about the goodness of the food was juiced and has been on a strict diet through the consumption of juice, now has halted its mission to stay healthy and fit in with the juice. Because the juice consumption in the long term it has made him weak, unfocused, are prone to headaches and the risk of suffering from other dangerous diseases. Now, Jason has been trying to improve the pattern of his life back and start trying to consumption of other foods in the right way aliases are not juiced again.

    Meanwhile, Joe Cross, a man who also has written a book about the benefits of consumption of juice and starred in the documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, now he actually lost a lot of weight and became very weak due to the consumption of juice redundant in the long term. The story of the two men certainly it could be a valuable lesson for all the people that consume only juice in a short or long period of time is very bad for health and not recommended.

    Ms Quirke, a health expert at the United States said, "In the short term, consumption of foods juiced will be at risk of headaches, fatigue and weakness. In the long term, consumption of food was blended at risk for fertility to liver failure. Indeed, initially the juice is very good to health. But, if it is not accompanied by the consumption of other foods will actually be bad for health. "

    Joe Cross difference before and after consumption of excessive juice | Photo: Copyright

    According to Quirke, unconsciously, there will be a lot of a certain part of the food and substance that goes into the food that is processed in a way juiced. Substance is what eventually could be bad for health. Sue Baic, an expert from Bristol University reveals that there may be some juices that are beneficial to health. However, it is recommended that everyone remains cautious while consumption of fruit and vegetable juices. Although the actual blended foods have benefits, there are times when these juices will be very dangerous for health when it is consumed in excess.

    Joe Cross also has said that the juice is a nutrition is only good for people who are healthy. The juice is not recommended for pregnant women consumed, people who are underweight, people who have a history of epilepsy and indigestion. Ladies, I hope this information is helpful. After knowing this information, hopefully we are getting wiser in the decision making for the consumption of fruit juice, vegetables or other foods


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