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    Hackers selling at a bargain price of 200 million Yahoo account username and password

    Wednesday, August 3, 2016, August 03, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-08-04T03:24:38Z

    A cyber criminals known as the 'Peace' was recently reported selling 200 million Yahoo account data on the dark web, internet dark market. Unfortunately, the account data of the original lot.

    According Motherboard (01/08), Peace upload a list of Yahoo account which sold it in the marketplace Real Deal, Monday ago. Hundreds also account data it is sold cheap Peace, just 3 Bitcoin or approximately USD 24.5 million.

    Motherboards based on 500 test Yahoo account data stolen, it turns out many of the original. In fact, in addition to containing account username and password, the stolen data contains the date of birth and e-mail backup to enter the Yahoo account earlier.

    As a result of such claims many users of Yahoo's rush to replace their account password. Ironically, the Yahoo already know their sales claims hundreds of millions of account data that has not yet provided information on the user's Yahoo account data stolen if it is genuine or not.

    Certainly no further statement from Yahoo, the origin of the account data is still mysterious. The hacker, Peace, said on the motherboard itself only when the data is from 2012 last year. As a result, today's best step to user Yahoo account is to change the password to prevent hacking when their account data right there on that list.

    Source: Daily Mail


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