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    Important is doing the 'safely remove' on a USB drive?

    Wednesday, August 10, 2016, August 10, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-08-11T06:06:41Z
    Safely remove USB Port. © mentalfloss

    Often we wondered whether depriving flash without the 'safely remove' is it safe?

    Many scare with frills flash will be damaged, or even a laptop or pc damaged us. Even more terrifying, the data in the flash drive may be lost if we do not take the time to just make it 'safe to remove.'

    In contrast, many who do not believe in the feature. Many think that if we want to pull the flash, we need not bother to make it safe to be revoked.

    Is that right?

    Historically, computer operating systems assume flash drive is an object that can be trusted; namely a drive that does not suddenly change or disappear. When reading or writing a file on the drive, the operating system assumes that the drive will always be accessible, not suddenly disappear in the middle of reading or writing something in it. This makes the drive is suddenly not accessible when the file is being written, then the data will be lost forever.

    And times have changed, where flash or flash drive is created for mobile plugged and removed. The operating system has been adapted to it. But though it was adapted, if we remove the flash when files are being copied, the file will still be damaged or lost. But when we're not doing anything on the flash drive, it's safe to pull out.

    The 'safe removal' is just a warning to the operating system so that unwanted things do not happen. It includes tore the writing process is performed on the drive, giving a warning to the various programs on the computer that this drive will be lost and the program will 'take action,' and remind us as a user if the program fails to do 'action' against file that are still stored on the drive.

    You certainly can pull out at any time, if the drive is being unused. It really depends only on how the various programs on your computer 'save' the file may fail stored when you pull it out. Most of the file will still be saved if you restore with a different name on the original drive computer, or the 'Save As.'

    So, even though doing 'safe removal' was not too important, you can begin to get used to it. it is important to remember the loss of data is small doomsday for us.


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