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    Instagram Offer More Video Stories

    Tuesday, August 30, 2016, August 30, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-09-01T04:46:54Z
    Photo: detikINET / Fida Adi Rahman

    Stories presence initially indeed mimic Snapchat. But then, Instagram start adding a number of changes to make different Stories.

    Instagram gradually update the Explore which featured a series Stories of the other Instagrammer roughly attract users to view.

    Recommended Instagram account will be based on existing contacts and favorite topics. With the addition of this function, users will see more videos Stories to watch, the corresponding interest of the user.

    As quoted from TechCrunch, Tuesday (08/30/2016), every day there are 100 million people who check the Explore tab. Instagram is said, when the social network has more than 500 million people, there are so many videos that may be missed by the user.

    Perhaps only some users are interested to follow other people, to see interesting content according to them. But clearly, this method is effective enough to make users interested Stories features and attract more people to use it.


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