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    Makkah soon have the World's Grandest Hotels

    Wednesday, August 10, 2016, August 10, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-08-10T07:31:19Z
    Makkah soon have the world's grandest hotels. © 2016 Merdeka
    Entering the month of Dhul-Hijjah, Muslims will flock to the holy land of Mecca pilgrimage. Perform religious rituals in order to draw near to Allah.

    Saudi Arabia, as the ruler of Makkah, unceasing improvement in the provision of infrastructure for pilgrims. Recently, Saudi Arabia will soon inaugurate the opening of one of the most phenomenal landmark in the earth. Abraj Kudai, prospective world's largest and most magnificent hotel was built in the center of Makkah.

    Giant building standing on a land area of ​​64 thousand square meters, is located just 2 km from the Grand Mosque. Towering 45 floors tall sturdy, with the highest tower has the largest dome in the world. Consisting of 10 thousands of rooms, 70 restaurants, 12 towers with 5 helipad, the hotel's facilities second to none. Ten towers will have four-star amenities, while the remaining two will be equipped with facilities like five star hotels. Managers also have set up five special floor reserved for the royal family of Saudi Arabia.

    According to the Minister of Finance of Saudi Arabia, it has spent 3.5 billion dollars, or about 46 trillion rupiah.

    But on the other hand, the construction of this giant landmark reap a wide range of criticism. An activist of the Islamic historical heritage rescue, Irfan Al-Alawi said, "This town-Hattan turns into Mecca." He deplored the treatment of the Saudi Arabian government to destroy historical sites, for the sake of their ambitious projects.

    One of the historical sites of Islam that is destroyed for the construction of Ajyad Fortress. Remnants of the 18th century was destroyed to make way for the Royal Clock Tower, another gigantic hotel. Another important site is the home of Siti Khadijah, the first wife of the Prophet, which is now converted into a public toilet.

    The Saudi government itself plans to inaugurate the opening of the Abraj Kudai next year. However, the plan will likely be delayed until 2018 due to the falling price of oil, which makes the economy of Saudi Arabia declined in the last year.

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