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    Wants Taste Coffee with Unique Taste? Try Anyway 'Lemonade Coffee'

    Sunday, August 7, 2016, August 07, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-08-08T04:32:29Z
    Photo: Delish / iStock
    Coffee and lemon does look as strange alloys. But in fact minuam coffee with the addition of lemon juice is popular in the world.

    Cafee Lemonade lemonade or coffee is now on the rise. Although it sounds strange, coffee-based drinks and lemon Already popular in Brooklyn and Sweden since a few years ago. In fact, almost all of the cafe in the global networked world including those already offered this drink.
    According delish.com (8.4.16) is called as a beverage drink that can be uplifting, especially when sleep is still felt in the morning. Especially own coffee and lemon both have many healthful properties.

    There are several variants of Lemonade Coffee. In Stand Coffee, Brooklyn, coffee is made from a mixture of cold brew, lemon, vanilla syrup and a little almond milk. Some places meraciknya of espresso with lemonade or sparkling lemonade.
    Such as Laura Palmer (usually made of lemonade and cold brew home-style Japanese), Coffee Lemonade, Thunderbolt or Kaffelemonad. There was also a call Lemon Brew because of its brew is so strong despite mixed lemonade.

    According to the editors epicutious.com, the best comparison to make this coffee is is 3: 2. 3 parts coffee and 2 parts lemonade.
    There are no specific method or a special recipe to make. How the presentation and composition used for drinks with a blend of bitter and sour taste is also different.
    Lemonade Coffee could be inspired from the Russian beverage called Kofyeh slimonem commonly taken daily there. Adding lemon in drinks also coffee lovers in Sweden, Germany and Mexico.

    Blend coffee aficionados call fresh lemon sour taste with earthy coffee Phit gives a refreshing sensation in the early morning. Make literacy and fresh eyes. Want to try?


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