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» » » » » » » » Whoops, it turned out to be a map which we learn misguided!

The original size of the United States compared with other countries. © 2016 Merdeka

Since in school, we've been made familiar with the form of maps that lined the walls of the classroom, and we learned in the atlas and geography. But you know if the accuracy of the form of maps was not representing the original form?

Yep, we usually see map was not shaped how the land should be shaped. This makes sense, because the Earth is actually round and the map imposed for two-dimensional shape. From where inaccuracies arise, in which the flat two-dimensional map called "Mercator Projection" This makes some measure of the country so look bigger.

Just imagine, the Earth is round shape makes it impossible for the various countries are shown in two-dimensional form. Of the various land on Earth have various shapes such as the shape and texture. Take the form of a heart-shaped or conical. However the Mercator map that has been popular since the 16th century, we have made a wrong assumption on a country wide. This assumption is even more chaotic if we look at the map of the region closer to the poles.

For example we can see in some countries like the UK. If on the map, we see Queen Elizabeth the country looks quite large. But if you measure the extent, Britain no bigger than Japan, New Zealand, Madagascar, even Sumatra. Greenland too. Seen as the island is very large and has almost the same size with Africa, widely Africa has an area of ​​14 times Greenland.
Africa original size when compared to other countries in 2016
Comparison of the size of the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Madagascar and Sumatra in 2016

Another example is Alaska on the map looks pretty big. In fact, Brazil has spacious five times larger than Alaska. As well as Russia are seen as a very big country, but the reality of Africa is far greater than Russia.

This shows that the closer to the poles, the shape of a country on the map will be 'stretched' and look more spacious. When in fact it is not. The sizes of the original one country can you see on this site.

To make it easier, this video can guide you to find out how big the size of the countries in the world, without having to refer again to the two-dimensional map.

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