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    5 Ways To Conserve Extreme Data Packet Internet in Android

    Friday, September 2, 2016, September 02, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-09-02T07:19:00Z
    Are you the one who always wasteful in using internet data quota on Android?

    Obviously it is very frustrating, especially if the money you spend to buy the limited data quota.

    Even so, there are some extreme ways that can be done so you can save the data quota usage on Android.

    Here are five tips for saving your internet data quota on Android devices.

    1. Limit Background Data

    One of the easiest ways to save data quota on Android is to limit background data.

    What is the background of data? Background data can be interpreted as the entire Internet traffic goes though you do not use the application. For example, synchronization of email, update feeds, weather widget updates, and others.

    Restricting background data on Android (Source: Android Pit)

    To restrict the data background, the way is to go to Settings> Data Usage> Restrict Background Data.

    Then you can also restrict background data for each application. You do this by going to Settings> Apps (select the application) and limit the background of his data.

    Google also could be limited background data. This will create a Google account synchronization with mobile phones stalled, and can save the use of data quota. You do this by going into Settings & gt; Accounts & gt; Google & gt; select the Google account will be limited.

    2. Disable Auto Update Application

    Another thing that makes data quota so quickly depleted is the auto update feature apps in the Google Play Store.

    To be sure, check the settings you Google Play Store. If you implement auto updates for applications using a data connection to make sure it would be wasteful quota.

    Therefore, make sure you select auto update applications on the Google Play Store using WiFi Internet network.
    Set auto update using a Wi-Fi network (Source: Android Pit)

    How, go to the Google Play Store, select Settings, then go to the top selection, ie Auto Update Apps. Make sure you select Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only.

    3. Save Much Music on Android, Do not Use Application Streaming Music

    Music streaming applications such as Spotify or Joox apparently draining so much data quota, the same as when you play video livestreaming on YouTube application and the like.

    For that, you better add internal storage space for storing songs than rely on music or video streaming applications.

    4. Identify Applications Consume Data Quota

    Most applications in Android is an application that should be connected with an internet connection. It also includes one of the things that makes use of data quota to be extravagant.

    To limit, it helps you identify applications that have a lot of consumption data quota. How to determine that the application on the smartphone consume much quota?

    How open Settings and then select Data Usage. There you can see what applications are consuming the most widely quota.

    On my phone, it appears that applications that consume data VIU 1,59GB, Chrome as 1,12GB, WhatsApp as much as 640MB, and Instagram as much as 487MB.

    Check application with most data consumption (Source: Screenshot)

    To save the quota, you can just clicking unistall applications that are not really needed, such as applications VIU who spend so much of my data quota.

    5. Use Wi-Fi

    Instead of using the quota of data from the operator, you can cut the quota usage data using Wi-Fi internet connection.
    Dispose of waste in place and get free wifi access. Fun!

    Usually this can be done when you are in public places such as in offices, coffee shop, or shopping center. By using Wi-Fi, automatic data quota you become more efficient.


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