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    7 The real proof that the Earth is not flat!

    Monday, September 26, 2016, September 26, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-09-27T04:55:09Z
    The real proof that the Earth is not flat. © 2016 Merdeka

    Lately a lot of conspiracy theories arise where the public are invited to believe that the Earth is actually flat. All the things we know about the shape of the Earth is a mere lie, which covered all of us to be subject to rulers

    Besides, the truth or falsity of the theory, actually a lot of things that are easily can prove that in fact the Earth was not flat. It is far more sensible and proven to make the majority of people believe.

    Here are some simple explanations that prove the real shape of the planet we live in today, namely the Earth. Come let's look at his review!

    The real proof that the Earth is not flat.

    1. Ships and horizon

    If you are in the harbor or beach, and you look towards the horizon, there will be an interesting phenomenon. Ships approached the port did not suddenly appear on the horizon. Ships precisely as it appeared from under the sea.

    Of course this is a matter which clearly proves that the Earth is round. If the Earth is flat, we see approaching ships to the port will come from a small to a close, not emerged suddenly from the horizon like emerging from the seabed.

    This is analogous to an ant walking on citrus fruits. If we look at ants walking up from behind an orange, you can see the first part kalia dalah head, then slowly the body and eventually the entire body of the ant looks.

    The real proof that the Earth is not flat.

    2. Shadow
    If we stick a rod or a stick in the ground, the stick will produce a shadow. The shadow always moves every time passes. If the Earth turned out to be flat, of two rods or sticks in different places will produce a shadow of the same size.

    However this is not the case, the objects that are in different places, will produce a shadow of different size. It could even be not produce shadows because the sun exactly one line on the object.

    The real proof that the Earth is not flat.

    3. Looking further from a higher place
    From a plain ordinary, you might be able to clearly see the sights, but limited. then if you move to higher ground, but to see the vision of the same scenes, you will see a clearer vision and farther than you us.

    This happens because the spherical shape of the Earth. If the Earth is flat, there would be no impression away Earth that appears. If Earth were flat, the scenery can be seen only shrink and disappear on the horizon point.

    The real proof that the Earth is not flat.

    4. Looking at the view from the air
    If we were to travel by aircraft, especially at long distances, we will realize that the best has trails circling the Earth but never falls into the 'edges' of the Earth. In addition to the general truth, if you have the opportunity to travel with the transatlantic route or crossing the Atlantic usually carried out by the airline on board, through the window you obviously can see the curvature of the Earth in the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean.

    The real proof that the Earth is not flat.

    5. The existence of time zones
    The time zone is very different in each country. When in Indonesia at 10 am, in the UK is still at 2 am. When in New York at 12 noon, in China 12 midnight. It is sufficient to prove that the Earth is round.

    Because the Earth is round and rotates on its axis, making the sun shines only survive on a particular side. If no contact with light, the sides will have the night, and vice versa.

    Explanation more convincing because at night we could not see the sun. It shall if the Earth is flat, the sun will be visible at any time, and there is no night.

    The real proof that the Earth is not flat.

    6. Core gravity
    One interesting thing about gravity is its association with the masses. The force of gravity between an object, depends on the mass and distance. So if gravity pulls objects that exist on Earth with the same power, difficult to deny that the Earth is not round and there is a core of gravity in it.

    If the Earth is flat and the core of gravity is in the middle, of the objects that are on the edge of the Earth will be attracted to the middle, not down as normally we have experienced.

    The real proof that the Earth is not flat.

    7. Images from space
    It has been 60 years of human exploration in space, send a satellite, even robots there. There is a successful mission there that allow mission hovering in the air hollow space. But amid difficult to survive in the solar system, have very many images photographed from there, which shows how the situation there.

    Naturally, the spherical shape of the Earth can be seen in various official photos coming from various space missions.

    Not only proves that round, a variety of images from space to prove that the Earth also looks very beautiful from up there.


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