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    Allo Smart and Fun, WhatsApp is worth Alert!

    Thursday, September 22, 2016, September 22, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-09-22T10:01:56Z
     Photo: detikINET / Fida Adi Rahman

    WhatsApp and iMessage seems to be careful, because Google has just released Allo. This application is not just texting, but more than that.

    Allo introduced at the Google I / O 2016 in May last with the Duo. Applications duo first debuted on Agutus ago. Allo, a month later following in the footsteps of the video chat application.

    Despite being released officially, monitoring detikINET this application has not visited the Indonesian region of Android and iOS. We also had opened the App Store American region, but also does not seem Allo nose.

    DetikINET eventually be able to download the Android app store Allo third parties. We also direct install it.

    As well as Duo, Allo installation is quite easy. We only need to enter a phone number and allow access to your contacts and camera. After that, the application can already be directly used.

    Google makes the display Allo quite simple. The main screen displays only contacts who were engaged in conversation. There are also a number of buttons on the top and bottom.

    At the top right there is a search button. While on the left there is a button setup.

    If you want to start a conversation, we just press the green button on the Bawan. In addition to selecting a contact, Allo provides the option of creating a group, incognito chat and have a conversation with Google Assistant.

    After selecting a contact, we can start a conversation. Well, here began to feel have fun.

    Initially detikINET think this application is not much different from the Hangout. Apparently one, Allo has many features that make the conversation more interactive.

    After typing a message, you press and hold the arrow button on the right. There will be a bar that lets us dip slide up button to bring up the letters. Or scroll down to shrink the font size.

    Press the plus button on the left side typing a message. There are a number of options available. We can choose to send a camera or photo gallery.

    Google added an interesting feature. So before sending the photo, there is the display button pencil. When pressing the button, we can add annotations on the photo.

    Allo also helped provide key sticker. At launch, Google has given 29 stickers that can be downloaded for free. It is not likely the number will increase in the future. There is also a button to share your location with integrated Google Maps.

    Allo ability is not limited to that. Google has an integrated digital assistants in it that makes these applications more intelligent. We can use it by pressing the Google Assistant in the main chat screen.

    This feature is quite interesting, because Google Assistant can perform two-way conversation. So much more interactive than Google Now.

    We can ask and ask anything. For example asking the weather to open the email. All answers are shown directly in the conversation page.

    Digital assistant is also able to play the game. Just type in "Play the game", Google Assistant will show you a selection of games. detikINET tried to play Emoji Movie, the game guess the title of the movie with instructions emoji.

    Interestingly all the power of Google Assistant above, can be presented in a personal conversation or group. We put enough @google, then type in what you want.

    We can ask where to eat, flying to a city or play games like above. Exciting is not it?


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