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    Facebook Messenger Can Add Video Instant Messenger

    Monday, September 5, 2016, September 05, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-09-06T04:33:39Z
    Photo: Instant Video in Facebook Messenger

    Facebook wants to give more options of communication, not only text messages. Facebook Obsession in video presented also in the Facebook Messenger.

    In the messaging services already are video calling feature. But Facebook and then add instant video, instant visual that could make conversations more colorful text.

    Quoted from Digital Trends, Friday (09/02/2016), the latest version of Facebook Messenger for iOS and Android allows users to easily add visuals to a conversation by touching the video icon in the conversation thread in Messenger.

    This will enable your smartphone's camera, so users can instantly record and share live video with people to talk to. Stream the video will be played with the sound muted mode, so do not bother. Users will be able to hear his voice by tapping the speaker icon.

    This feature can use the rear camera and front and can interact with the other person respond using instant video they made themselves.

    Interestingly, users can use this feature without having to leave the conversation text. So, no need to switch applications. The video will play at the top right of the screen, and users can still access the keyboard to continue the conversation text.

    Facebook said the reason for the release of this capability because according to him, the video has become part of everyday users of social networks. Most of us today have constant access to a video camera and an Internet connection via smartphone.

    Snapchat and Periscope emergence could not have denied application trends enliven instant video and live streaming. Facebook certainly not want to miss adopt the trend. In addition to a Facebook Live, a site created  Mark Zuckerber is also embedding them in the Facebook Messenger.


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