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» » » » » » » » » » Google Doodle Today for Athletes with Disabilities Paralympics 2016

Google doodle celebrates the 2016 Summer Paralympics

Today, Wednesday (07/09/2016), marks the opening of the Summer Paralympics alias Summer Paralympic 15th. Sport event for athletes with physical limitations or disabilities will be held from 7 September to 18 September.

Google co-celebrated with a doodle displayed on the search page. The Doodle with the dominant color was bright yellow.

When pressed a play icon, doodle illustration will show the athletes representing different sports 2016 Paralympic interchangeably. No athlete swimming, weightlifting, running, boli, bicycle, up volleyball.

Summer Paralympic venue this time in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the same as the venue for the Olympic Games some time ago.

Paralympic often regarded as a series of straight Olympics. Because the Paralympics also held every four years and usually after the Olympics.

Terms of Paralympic athletes who can participate, among others, those who had disabilities in mobility, disability due to amputation, vision problems, and suffers from cerebral palsy or motor neuron disorders.

Indonesia recorded participate send a number of athletes to the 2016 Paralympic sport of swimming, table tennis, athletics, weightlifting, and others.

Paralympic arena is governed by the International Paralympic Committee, or IPC. Happy feast for their sport knows no limits!

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